In the second episode of Season 1, Ben and Brother Justin share a dream where Ben, Brother Justin, Scudder, and Belyakov are sitting in a diner in Mintern, California. Ben and Justin sit at the counter while Scudder and Belyakov sit across from each other in a booth right behind them. I find this an interesting way to explain the realtionships between the 4 Avatars. Scudder is seated to the back of Justin, because they are both Avatars of Darkness, and Belyakov is seated to the back of Ben, because they are both Avatars of Light. Ben and Justin look in the mirror to view the men behind them, maybe as being symbolic of them seeing the two figures in their dreams of the past. I'm not sure as to the significance of the window shattering when Scudder and Belyakov clink their wine glasses together. To whomever reads this blog, please share your thoughts and insights on this dream and any of the other prophetic dreams that Ben and Justin had in the series.