Season 1, Episode 7
Air date October 26, 2003
Written by Toni Graphia
Directed by Alison Maclean
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"Pick a Number"
"Lonnigan, Texas"

The River is the 7th episode of Season 1 of the series Carnivale.

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Ben learns of Scudder's past with Ruthie and accidentally injures her son Gabriel in a fight. To correct his mistake, Ben heals Gabriel in a lake, killing all fish in the process. Cootch show talker Stumpy Dreifuss is inconsolable over the death of his daughter, while the friendship between his other daughter Libby and Tarot reader Sofie deepens. Following a suicide attempt at a bridge, Brother Justin gets to know two Russian immigrant children, Irina and Alexei. At the same time, Tommy Dolan visits Iris and offers to go public with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the ministry fire. After outwitting councilman Val Templeton in a live radio interview, Dolan learns about Iris's childhood – she and her brother emigrated from Russia and are the only survivors of a train accident.

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