Ruthie 3
Portrayed by Adrienne Barbeau
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance Recurring
Gender Female
Employer Traveling Carnival
Occupation Snake Charmer
Romantic Partners Ben Hawkins
Child(ren) Gabriel

Ruthie is a snake charmer and barker for the strongman acts of her son Gabriel.


Early LifeEdit

Their arc in the story reveals Ruthie as a former lover of the mysterious Henry Scudder. Gabriel, a big and powerful person but with a low IQ, is the first carny to experience Ben's healing powers.

Season 1Edit

Shortly after Ruthie and Ben grow close, Ruthie dies from a snake bite. Ben first tries unsuccessfully to resurrect Ruthie, but succeeds later when he strangles Lodz, the carnival's blind mentalist.

Season 2Edit

In season 2, Ruthie starts to encounter people who have died a long time ago. Being possessed by Lodz at night, Ruthie repeatedly approaches Lila, leading to Lila turning into a major obstacle for the carnival's success.