Season 2, Episode 8
Air date February 27, 2005
Written by Daniel Knauf
Directed by Tim Hunter
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"Damascus, NE"
"Lincoln Highway"

Outskirts, Damascus, NE is the 8th episode of Season 2 of the series Carnivale.

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As Management draws his last breath, he teaches Ben the right way for the blade to enter the tree. Ben informs Samson about the events leading to Management's death, that he is now in possession of Management's full knowledge and that he knows about Stroud's intentions and his link to the Usher. Samson only starts to believe him when Ruthie unburdens her heart over seeing Scudder and a bald-headed man as yet two other dead people last night. Meanwhile, Ruthie rejects Lila's approaches about her supposed sleepwalking. The Dreifuss family faces new troubles with Libby's marriage to Jonesy, and when they attempt to sort out their problems with a family dinner, a fatal Ferris wheel accident occurs. When Samson sees Ben transfer a mother's life to her child, Ben gains Samson's trust and designates the carnival's route westwards. Parallel to Management's death, Justin has a fit, which Wilfred Talbot Smith explains as Justin's enemy receiving his boon. Justin approaches councilman Templeton to participate in his Sermon on the Mount for a New America, and the Crowes get a new maid – Sofie.

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