Season 2, Episode 11
Air date March 20, 2005
Written by John J. McLaughlin
Dawn Prestwich
Nicole Yorkin
Directed by Dan Lerner
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"Cheyenne, WY"
"New Canaan, CA"

Outside New Canaan is the 11th episode of Season 2 of the series Carnivale.

Summary Edit

As Ben does not want to miss a chance to kill his enemy, only Jonesy returns to the carnival for assistance. He finds Lila instigating a mutiny over Samson and a seemingly nonexistent Management, but when Jonesy shows his healed knee, he gains the carnies' support for Ben's mission, and the carnival leaves for an arranged setup in New Canaan. Meanwhile, Iris meets Ben armed with an axe in Justin's room and forwards him to a baptism taking place at the lake. Ben runs across Sofie and tells her of Justin's background as an evil man, but she refuses to believe him. However, when she overhears the Crowes conversing in Russian and finds Ben's mask in a drawer, she turns away from Justin's advances.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Ben: The place is battened down tighter than a work farm.
Jonesy: Yeah. For a fellow who believes in Heaven, that preacher is sure worried about dying.

Jonesy: Hawkins done this for me. He ain't just some kid from Milfay.

Brother Justin: He gathered them together into a place called...Armageddon.

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