Maddy Crane
Portrayed by Jenna Boyd
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance Tipton
Gender Female
Residence Milfay, Oklahoma
Sibling(s) Tommy Crane

Maddy Crane was a young crippled girl who lived in Milfay, Oklahoma. She was the first person seen in the series to be healed by Ben Hawkins.


When the Carnivale first arrived to set up in Milfay at night, Maddy and Tommy were awakened by the lights through their window. Maddy is seen dragging herself across the floor without the use of her legs. When the Carnivale is running the next night, Ben sees Maddy sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon next to the Ferris wheel.

Your money's no good here, Sunshine.

Clayton Jones picks her up and sets her in the ride next to her brother. She gives her and Tommy two extra tickets, tells her that her money's no good at the carnival, and starts the wheel. The next day, after Sofie reads Ben's cards, Ben runs away, collapses in front of Maddy's farm, next to Maddie sitting in her wagon, and starts weeping. Maddy asks him why he is crying and that her Grammy says that he and the carnival people are marked. Ben tells her that they're just people.
He asks her how long she's been crippled, to which she replies, "forever." He asks her if it hurts; she nods. Ben then puts his hands on Maddy's legs. Maddy looks worried; looking toward the house. Ben begins concentrating, then the plants in the immediate vicinity begin to die. Ben is then seen running to the leaving Carnivale and getting on a truck. Maddy is then seen to be standing, watching the Carnivale leave with a neutral look on her face. She then runs toward her house.


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