Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 9, 2003
Written by William Schmidt
Directed by Jack Bender
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"Lonnigan, Texas"
"Hot and Bothered"

Insomnia is the 9th episode of Season 1 of the series Carnivale.

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To supplement the carnival's income, Samson arranges a "fireball show". Ben tries to drive off the torments of his dreams by staying awake. He remains defiant to Lodz's urges to listen to his dreams and learn from them. Samson hands Ben the medal, saying he is the rightful owner as Scudder's son. The medal's significance becomes clear when Lodz touches it and experiences the same strong visions as Ben had with Boffo's ring. When Sofie envisions her mother being raped by a tattooed man, she unburdens her heart to Jonesy and Samson. Iris, who is still in search of Justin, participates in Dolan's radio show but rejects his romantic advances. Brother Justin is released from the mental institution.

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