Season 2, Episode 10
Air date March 13, 2005
Written by Tracy Tormé
Directed by Todd Field
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"Lincoln Highway"
"Outside New Canaan"

Cheyenne, WY is the 10th episode of Season 2 of the series Carnivale.

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Jonesy and Ben leave Libby with the carnival and drive to the motel of Ben's vision. Stroud and Scudder have already left, but Ben recognizes the preacher of his dreams in a newspaper article about a near-fatal shooting in California. After bribing the motel's clerk into delivering the newspaper to Samson, Ben and Jonesy leave for New Canaan. Meanwhile, Ruthie/Lodz pays Lila another midnight visit and informs her of the circumstances surrounding his death. Libby inadvertently amuses her mother with the story of Jonesy's healing, and Samson tells the carnies to pack up. Stroud delivers Scudder to Justin, but Wilfred Talbot Smith prevents Scudder's early death and a near disaster for Justin. Stroud increases security with his Knights of Jericho, Iris recognizes her niece in Sofie, and Justin vitiates Iris's plans by handing Norman into Sofie's care. At night, Scudder massacres Smith and escapes in Stroud's car, but is decapitated by Justin already waiting for him.

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