Ben Hawkins
Ben Hawkins
Portrayed by Nick Stahl
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance New Canaan, CA
Gender Male
Employer Traveling Carnival
Occupation Roustabout
Residence Carnivale
Milfay, Oklahoma (former)
Parent(s) Henry Scudder (father)
Flora Hawkins (mother)
Grandparent(s) Hilton G.W. Scudder (grandfather)
Emma Krohn (grandmother)

Ben Krohn Hawkins was a young okie when he joined the traveling carnival. Ben was an Avatar of Light. He suffered from terrifying nightmares that were revealed to be the past and future jumbled together.


Early LifeEdit

In the beginning of the series, Ben Hawkins starts as a young farmer and chain gang fugitive, living with his sick mother in Milfay, Oklahoma. Ben can heal any wound/injury and bring back the dead, however, to give life he must take life. His mother thought Ben was a demon and refused to let him heal her when she became ill with dust pneumonia, calling him "filth".

Season 1Edit

The series begins as Ben buries his recently deceased mother, just before their house is demolished. A traveling carnival arrives, and pick Ben up before the police arrive.

Season 2Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ben held the ability to heal people. When he healed a little girl's crippled leg, the surrounding crop died around them. Later, he realizes that to raise the dead, he has to deliberately kill someone else. Generally, he cannot select the person or thing to die; whatever is in the vicinity will be likely victimized.

Photo GalleryEdit

You can see photos of Ben here!

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